Release Date: Sep. 25, 2009

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Voice Memory Game - Mandarin English Memory Training Game

Game to strengthen your child's Mandarin, English and memory. Listening and memorizing are essential elements in language learning. Through the game, learning becomes much more interesting and easier by repeatedly listening and memorizing different sets of common vocabulary. Best use together with <NextSpeak> .

Main Features:

  • Various themes available with a total of 800+ words (support user defined themes, pictures and difficulty levels to cater for your child's own pace)
  • Powerful yet interesting flash card game to practise memory and language skill . You can select various levels of difficulty ... from pictures to recognizing, spelling and pronunciation to reinforce memory, English and Mandarin listening and reading skill.
  • Flash card selected will be read alound in English or Chinese with text alert to boost your child's language ability
  • You can add your own pictures as content and theme to further expand the vocabulary.

Included Themes :

- Bird
- Vegetables
- People
- Emotion
- Weather
- Clothes
- Number
- Building
- Aquatic
- Symbol
- Household
- Time
- Tool
- Music
- Flag
- Business
- Body Part
- Transportation
- Recreation
- Food
- Education
- Computer
- Animals
- Color
- Fruits


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