Release Date: Apr. 23, 2009

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Media Coverage

Computer Today (Magazine) Vol.98
<NextSpeak - English TTS> is your good teacher outside classroom ... Other than classroom learning, more listening and speaking in daily life can help improve our English. Our students are quite good at writing and reading but their oral skill is usually a weakness .. that may because the lacking of proper practicing environment. This software provides great flexibility in learning English ... anytime anywhere

PC-weekly (Magazine) Vol.416
"Able to master Mandarin is essential in daily communication with our colleagues in China. Well Develop captures this requirement and turns it to <NextSpeak Mandarin TTS>. <NextSpeak Mandarin TTS> is a self learning tool for Mandarin and integrates with most advanced TTS engine from NeoSppech. In addition to converting Mandarin text to speech , it has library management functions and can output the text as MP3 format. It is a very good Mandarin self learning tool."

E-Zone (Magazine), Vol.413
"There are many Mandarin classes available in market but working labour find it difficult to spare regular hours to attend these classes. Therefore, software like , which can turn text to MP3, is designed to bridge this gap. Users are no longer restrict to regular classrooms. Self learning of Mandarin in any place any time becomes very effective..."

Hi-Tech (Magazine), Vol.403
"Surfing Internet and listening to books via <NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS> .... Many users were hesitated about the quality of Text-To-Speech. No long before, renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking had presented a speech using the NeoSpeech's voice synthesis engine. <NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS> is using the same voice synthesis engine. For those who are still impressed by the voice synthesis quality of Dr. Hawking's speech, they should have no doubt on the fluency and quality of <NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS>"

PC3 (Magazine), Vol.280
"Metropolitan are living a busy life style: long working hours and pressure to continuously upgrading themselves. Particularly in an international city, like Hong Kong, not only fluent English is mandatory, the ability to master PuTongHua is also essential. <NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS> allows you to take your leisure time to upgrade your PuTongHua listening and speaking capability. The software is designed for self-learning and able to turn Chinese text into MP3."

PC Market (Magazine), Vol.674
"I remember my teacher used to tell us: if you want to master a language, the best way is to listen more, read more, write more. For reading and writing, the most simply way maybe is reading newspapers and magazine. Through which we can grasp the most updated information and their writing skill is usually high. But what about listening? <NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS> can bridge this gap. Not only it can turn text to voice, it can output the voice as MP3 for repeatedly listening in anywhere anytime."


Oriental Daily (Newspaper) 15 June 2006
"<NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS> helps improving yourself. Nowadays, everyone talks about self improvement to avoid being kicked out of the job market. One of the most practical ways is to learn English or Mandarin to enable you to communicate more efficiently with people from other countries and indirectly open more career opportunities for yourself ... In fact, you don't necessarily have to attend courses, software like <NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS> helps to improve yourself anywhere anyplace."


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