Release Date: Apr. 23, 2009

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NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS

Key Features:

  • Allow force to use native English
  • Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified and English User Interface
  • Pitch, Rate and Volume Control
  • Support SAPI 5 Interface (you can add new voices)
  • Export to MP3 format
  • Random Playback or Loop Playback
  • Support Speech Mode and Spell Mode
  • Include PuTongHua (Mandarin)Pin Ying Truetype font
  • Support Clipboard Capture
  • Support Speak out of webpage
  • Library Management functions
  • Lip-sync with animation icons
  • Zoom-in and zoom out
  • Support Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified and English Content
  • Support User Defined PuTongHua (Mandarin) PinYin

Bonus Includes NextDict multi-lingual dictionaries

NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS Office Add-in

After Office Add-in is installed and restart your Microsoft Office, you will see a new tool bar containing two icons "Speak" and "Dict". You can highlight a section of text in your Word document and press "Speak" to have "NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS" speaks out the content or press "Dict" button to query the meaning of the selected words.

Using NextOffice in NextOffice Impress

With the release Impress Extension, you can easily enable speak out of your slide by simply drag and drop the "Speak Content" or "Speak Notes" icons from your gallery into your slide.

TTS function is also accessible in other NextOffice applications, such as Writer, Calc, Impress and Draw via the "NextSpeak" icon.

User-defined Pronunciation

If you encounter some words without defined Mandarin pronunciation, you can invoke the "User Defined Pronunciation" utility to define the pronunciation .

On the "User Defined Pronunciation", simply select the right vowels and consonants for the words.


Webpage TTS

Support Text-to-Speech on website. You can load your desired website in NextSpeak or in your Internet Explorer highlights a section of text and right click on your mouse button to break up a menu and select "Speak" to request NextSpeak to speak out the highlighted content.


NextDict Multi-lingual Dictionary
  • English/Chinese, Chinese/English and Webster dictionaries
  • Support PuTongHua and English pronunciation
  • Support K.K.Phonetic symbols and PinYin Phonetics symbols
  • Support wildcard charater '*' and '?' in searching
  • Stay and resident in systray



Sophisticated functions include :

  • Pitch, Rate and Volume. Users can adjust the pace according to his/her level.
  • Precise control on line break adjustment. You can group commonly used phrase into a file by topics (e.g. Travel, Selling) for practice.
  • Lip-sync with character animation during the speaking out of the content so that you can easily follow the pronunciation.
  • Text zoom-in and zoom-out that help to enhance the usability for senior and visually impaired users.
  • PuTongHua (Mandarin) PinYin font for easily matching the pronunciation with the phonetic symbols.
  • Export to MP3 to allow frequent commutator to best utilize their commutation time to improve their language skill
  • Unicode compliant and truly multi-lingual supporting English, Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional.
  • Automatically provide Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional conversion to enhance compatibility with selected voice.
  • Allow enforcement to "always use Native Language Speaking" so that mixing Chinese and English will no long have the English content sounding odd to native English speakers.
  • Support "Speech" and "Word by Word" play mode to address different needs of advanced learner who would like to further improve their speeching by emulating professional intonation and new learners who need to learn the exact pronunciation of each word.
  • Library and content management function to make practice as easy as possible. Frequently access content can be grouped into different category for easy playback.
  • Support Random Loop playback and Sequential Loop playback so that you can practice without hand-on control.
  • Support speaking out of website content
  • Support Clipboard capture so that you can easily cut-and-paste content from different applications, such as Word, Powerpoint .. into "NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS" for speaking out.
  • Closely integrate with NextOffice. Now you can simply drag the "PuTongHua MP3" icon from gallery into your presentation slide. Then simply click on the "NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS" icon and your presentation content will be speak out with professional voice.
  • Support user-defined pronunciation definition.
  • Bundle with NextDict to facilitate you to search the word meanings in your document.
  • Use SAPI 5 Interface. You can add your own SAPI compliant voice, such as SanSoft's Cantonese


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