Release Date: Apr. 23, 2009

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NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS FAQ:

Q: How can I get the Voice End User License from the NeoSpeech?

In order to get the Voice End User License from the NeoSpeech, please follow the steps below:

Q: Why there are no PinYin font found in my system, when I install the <NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS> in the Window Vista?

If the installation fails to install the fonts into your Window Vista system, please follow the steps below:

  1. Please point to the CD drive, right click and then select "Explore" to open the CD content.
  2. Open the "PinYin Font" folder.
  3. Copy the "ka8mshl1.ttc" file to "Start" > "Control Panel" > "Fonts" folder. Details
Q: Why I cannot use the same "verification.txt" file in the other PCs which also installed <NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS> program?

Owing to the license restriction, a program can only be installed in a PC, so that only the registered PC can be used. After the registration of the Neospeech, please download the "verification.txt" file for backup. The maximum registration of Neospeech is 3 times.

Q: After installing <NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS>, the Chinese Traditional PinYin Font is not available. A Please follow the following procedure to resolve the problem:

(1) Check if the PinYin font is installed or not.

  1. First close the <NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS>
  2. Go to "Control Panel" > "Fonts"
  3. Under the "Fonts" wizard, check if font "AR StdKaiSYL1" exist or not. In English Windows, the font name will be "AR StdKaiSYL1"
  4. Double click on the font to display its sample characters.
  5. Restart your machine (If you fails to locate the font "AR StdKaiSYL1", please reinstall <NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS>

(2) In English Windows, modify your "Regional and Language Settings"

  1. Go to "Control Panel"
  2. Double click to open the "Regional and Language Settings"
  3. In the "Regional and Language Settings" dialog, click on the "Advanced"
  4. tab and select country as "Chinese (Hong Kong)" or "Chinese (Taiwan)"
  5. Press <Apply> to confirm the change

(3) Setup the default CJK font in <NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS>

  1. Start <NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS>
  2. Select menu "Tools" -> "Settings"
  3. In the "Settings" dialog, click on the <F> button to select "CJK Font" or "AR StdKaiSYL1"
  4. Press <OK> to confirm the change
Q: How to enable NextDict to use the Lily Mandarin voice

Follows the following procedure:

  1. Start your NextDict
  2. In NextDict, press the <Setting> icon in the lower left corner to start the "NextDict Settings" dialog.
  3. In the "Settings" dialog, select "VW Lily" as the default Chinese voice.
  4. Press <OK> to confirm the change.
Q: The Office Add-in button in the installation screen is dimmed.

If "NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS" Installation Wizard fails to detect your Microsoft Office, that button will become dimmed. If you are sure Word is exist in your PC and would like to install the Word Add-in, do the following:

  1. Insert the "NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS" Installation CD
  2. Right click on the CD icon to open it
  3. Double click the "Third-Party" folder icon to open it
  4. Double click the "MSASetup.exe" (size: 108KB) to start the Office Add-in installation.
Q: Sometimes when copying Chinese content to "NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS", the content was not displayed using the PinYin font.

The Chinese PinYin font contains only Traditional Chinese characters and some Hong Kong supplementary characters. If the cut-and-paste contains a character which is not defined in the PinYin font, "NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS" will fall back to you the "PMingLiU" font in order to avoid the missing character in PinYin font.

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