Release Date: Apr. 23, 2009

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NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS


"NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS" is a Mandarin learning tool that can read any Chinese text in a fluent human voice. It can also shows the Pin Yin on top of each Chinese characters hence help you prounce each words correctly. You may adjust the reading speed and volume as well as the pitch of the voice hence to learn Mandarin at a pace of your choice. "NextSpeak Mandarin TTS" has been chosen by tertiary vocational training insitiutes in Hong Kong (IVE) as well as government departments including Hong Kong Police Force, Hong Kong Custom and Excise Department and Environmental Protection Department for Mandarin training purpose. "NextSpeak Mandarin TTS" has been recommended by the leading Mandarin school XingGang PuTongHua YanXiShe in Hong Kong.

Improve your Mandarin in a joyful and relaxing way

With "NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS", you can easily convert text content in Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified from Word, Outlook, Adobe Reader, webpage... etc. (with and English) into fluent human voice or MP3 files.

You may download the converted MP3 files to your MP3 player for listening the text content in Mandarin in a relaxing way. You can then make the best use of your leisure time by enjoying the voice of your chosen and interested content, while at the same time, improving your Mandarin skills.

Key Features:

NextSpeak Office Addin:

You can use NextSpeak Office Addin to read the text in the Microsoft Office* environment for improving your Mandarin.
*Microsoft Office is the tradmark of Microsoft.

NextSpeak Recorder:

NextSpeak Recorder allows user to record his voice or narration, so as to improve their Mandarin.

"NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS" is comprised of 4 modules:

  1. "NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS" Program module including the NeoSpeech Lily-16 TTS engine.
  2. "NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS" Library containing sample documents which are to be installed under the user Application Data directory.
  3. NextDict Chinese-English and English-Chinese dictionaries.
  4. "NextSpeak - Mandarin TTS" MS Office Add-in allows you to read text in MS documents directly and access and NextDict from MS Office.

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